Learning golang; come across Stringer; theme of the next few hours: The Wire

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    I fucking love Go.

    Two of the best courses can be grabbed on Udemy for as low as $12. Both are by Todd McCleod, one being an incredibly well structure "everything" course, and the other being a web app course that compliments the material in the previous one.
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    @Hypergeek Love that course, literal gold when he starts swigging from his wine bottle, or the times his family come home in the middle of the course :p
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    @Hypergeek I also subscribed to that and started yesterday!
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    @encore - Like @theapemachine stated, Todd McCleod is awesome. He's one of the most well-respected professors in California, and takes a very personal approach to the initial course. Down to teaching you a bit about binary, as well as why the "power" button symbol looks like it does. It's fun to see him take a ridiculous amount of time out of his day and night to complete the work he started on certain sections of the course, as well - and acts like the trooper that many developers forget is part of the process when it comes to motivating others to do the same.
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