So I named my daughter "io"

everyone calls her by the name and then we register her on our local gov't to get birth certificate.

AND THEN THESE FUCKED FACED FUCKERS! dont accept my daughter's name because of this STUPID SYSTEM OF THEIRS!

because "io" is too short for first name field to accept. Its like the devs become the law and just set their own limit.

It pisses me off. our law didn't say `len(firstName) > 2` and we can't use paper anymore as alternative.

I really want to punch the fucker in neck. sorry

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    Cant wait for her to make a website and buy the io.io domain
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    naming your kid is like picking a username for another user
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    Need 3 letters?

    Call her iOS :D
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    hahaha, that is actually funny!
    When this is resolved, you will think it is funny too :P
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    @OrionZA Okay, let's add another letter: Bios.
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    @IllSlapU no, thats a nice name.
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    Thats just silly.
    Eg. Ea, el, xe, is is a perfectly legit name of two letters.
    Or at least i have met people named so.

    How about ioc?
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    Such mean parents naming your child io lol lucky girl the gov is strict where you are
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    @lotd this just made me think that 'Ae' would be a legit beautiful name (pronounced like in faery)
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    @IllSlapU she'd better stays away from Dev guys imho
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    Actually fun fact ,govt stopped ur daughter being embarrassed in future by ur "tech name" ..
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    Someone name their kids .png
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    I know someone whos named Ae and Ea
    pronounced as "Ayie" and "Iya"
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    @dyslxr don't listen to them, if "io" is a perfectly fine name in your country.
    People mocked us for our daughters name.
    That is what people do, they are fucked up. No matter what the name... Some fucker in school is always gonna find a way to mentally strike your children.

    Just put her on the right come back with "I'm drink your blood in your momma skull" mentality by 5 years old and she will be fine :)
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    @Nawap Io is not a tech name just because it's used as abbreviation in tech.
    Io is one of the oldest names and was already used in ancient egypt and appears in greek mythology.

    Also as long as you name isn't "fucker" or something it usually doesn't matter what name you have, it's more important to not be surrounded by creative assholes.
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    For your next kid: drop_table
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    Io, like to moon
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    If it accepts 3 letter names, you could Call her IoT! ;-)
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    Just call her "io ".

    - Well yes, my name is io, with a trailing space. It is a silent space.
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    I would totally fight that as unconstitutional. In all honestly if you invented a new sound and entirely new character to match you have the right identify by it. Make a Twitter bot that replies to every tweet by the government/department heads petitioning them to do their fucking job and adapt to the natural evolution of the species and they will either make an exception or some free rights organization will take over the fight for you.
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    Register her name somewhere else. Is that a national issue or just the city where you are?
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    @gurumeditation Nice hack, but I imagine it'll create a TON of issues around official documents, and depends on every system accepting names with trailing spaces.
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    @IllSlapU @OrionZA io is also from greek mythology...
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    I love the name!
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    Please don't fix it by padding the name with an "s"...
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    Sorry I thought you meant input output but if it from the moon that is nice. I think it is from Greek mythology. Maybe see what are the laws are around naming. in many countries you can't use offensive words but this sound like a bug on their registration page.
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    So what did you do? or what are you gonna do?
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    "Hi, umm yeah I'd like to register my son. The name is '';/><script>alert('ssx')</script>. Yeah for real! Just type it in pls "
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    I've gotten past some arbitrary restrictions in the past (even to create accounts) by manually submitting the data from Dev tools, going around the validation.

    You could try it. You'd be surprised by how often validation is front end only.
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    @BindView or eie.io.
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    Just go to the right office and say that the online registration doesn't work
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    @IllSlapU honouring her conception maybe?🤔
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    Why “io”?
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    Because it is easy to say and take alot less bytes.

    And Io is a fucking LAVA-MOON
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    @Lahsen2016 sorry my bad. I forgot to use tags. I was actually asking the parent their reasons for why they named their child as such. I could have guessed myself that they like it. Would be quite silly to name your child something they didn’t like.
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    Io as in Blind Io, head God of the Discworld pantheon?

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    My name is Ed... So i'm calling BS.
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    @HumanBetaApp might as well call her suicide, at that point.
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    your daughter is not a dota hero
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    Nobody has commented with the obligatory Bobby Tables cartoon?! Do I have to do everything around here? 😆
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