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    I guess volumes in docker mount directly from your CPUs filesystem. I’m learning so much more about hardware. I think I’ll investigate my PSUs filesystem as well.
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    Spoiled frontend devs.. although -v definitely should've been shorthand for --verbose 🤔
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    @Diactoros scrolled down just a little bit to find this too
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    @JoshBent Hey we have to give them points for consistency. Someone never learned about hardware and they made it all the way to writing docker documentation.

    Maybe *we’re* doing it wrong!
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    Oh God, I self-declare as blind from now on 😅 all hail to the cpufs, the long-awaited filesystem that'll join the ranks of procfs, sysfs and securityfs. Cpufs will be the next generation of filesystems 😁😁😁

    Edit: forgot to sprinkle some IoT, Blockchain, AI and Big Data in this comment 🙃
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    Hey, he just wants you to move your CPU and mount it elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that.
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    I believe people used to use the term "CPU" when talking about the whole computer - computer processing unit.
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    CPU is also central processing unit, while it sounds dumb, the terminology works.
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    @Kimmax hope you forgot an /s
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    @Condor yes indeed when I started learning docker I felt tue same

    @JoshBent what about having CPU to evaluate the randomness of the universe and hence find the data in your HDD?
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    @gitlog the good old 'you can store any data in PI'
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