Lately I read post from democracy developer how we are unable to run democracy in direct way. We know something in some fields and are si fucking dumb in others. Sure we could make research, but it takes time which most of us don't have, so we could chose as we feel which could be more less correct, but even doing research could lead as nowhere. But it isnt only fucking democracy, same goes with medication, food, raising children and there goes fucking shopping. We ass people don't like shitty things or more correctly we don't want ti fucking know it and don't want expensive things, middle is the best, but when you could afford best quality it us easy to associate it with price which is so fucking lie. There is this ios and android battle and a lot of others and it is fucking insane. Why? Because everything is advertised as fucki.g awesome, cocksucking shit which could you eat, shit and eat again. It makes you full, well feed and slim, also makes you boobs, penis, ass of whatever bigger than average (always bigger no matter how much average is).

You want to buy coffee? Our brand is fuckj.g best roasted, best seeds from best plantation and costs only 7$ per kg, fuck you because it tatses like shit and makes me vomit. sure obvious scam, but what with 20-30$ coffee? It is well roasted, freshly roasted and do they fucking know how to do that?

Fuck coffee, go to buy t-shit which one isnt fucking cut off efficiency which also make t-shit stretched as ass after naked night in prison?

Laptop? Fuck you each one is fucking best for everhtbing, 4GB of RAM, slow HDD, shitty CPU and windows 10 onboard? Beast of performance and also mobile, the best laptop ever. Obvious scam, sure, but 1000$ laptop? could be decent? Fuck you, shitty hinge and case so it is like fuckenstein monster.

Why couldn't we have honest advertising? because noone will buy it, shitty shit. Even fucking numbers don't always tell you which is better... fucking shit.

Have a nice day ;)

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    Nice rant! (Afraid I have absolutely no idea what you're on about, though.)
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    @AlmondSauce My English isn't very well so it may be it 😃 TL:DR We can't be expert in each field, so we have to trust other people and everything is advertised as best thing ever and usually there is lack of basic information which help you compare two things, also price isn't reliable way to mesure quality.

    also thanks
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    @Omnisus dont trust the creators of a tool, trust the people who use it.
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    @Codex404 It isn`t perfect solution, because you have to find someone who is reliable, use this product and test this product in way you are interested in also there is sample size. Windows just works for a lot of people, but sometimes it doesnt, also Linux is great but sometimes its not for your use case. There are bought opinions and reviews, too or just true but misleading ones (when tests shows that some component is faster than another but in real enviroment it isn`t true anymore).
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