Was working on my game engines scripting language for the terminal and this is how things went in roughly the space of 30 minutes

"Ok let's get a basic language structure defined..."

*Time passes*

"Ok, so now I have basic structure and concepts of a potential auto translation framework, external library use and just a dash of complicated file structures and use"

And I still haven't written a single line of code except for ignoring whitespace when starting to lex the file to transpiling ;-;

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    Try using prebuilt lexers and parsers (flex and yacc/bison maybe) to speed up your work? I mean parsing is basically a solved problem, unless you want to do everything from absolute scratch.

    I'm working on a language too and I have been concentrating on the bytecode VM so far. Coming along well.
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    @RememberMe well I would use predone stuff but I'm not going to learn from that, plus I'm building it in GameMaker studio 2 so it's not like it's super complicated.

    (Plan on building a full engine on its own in the future though)
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