So I'm still new to programming. Mind blown every day learning python. Although self learning does get confusing sometimes. Somehow I'm learning pen testing now and already installed Kali on a virtual box. Pretty sure I aimed at making a multi platform mobile app to begin with.... Yep, from Kivy to changing Mac addresses, am I lost? Or this is the way to dive in?

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    Welcome to time-consuming and management hell of choosing what you want to learn and keeping with it.
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    I'm guessing this is a warm welcome and a nod that I'm not lost..... Yet.

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    ...and your never-ending adventure begins! Goodluck on your journey, perhaps one day you will be the first person to find the bottom of the rabbit-hole ;P
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    Once you get the hang of python, I STRONGLY suggest also learning a statically typed language. Weak typing can be useful, but it will hold back your understanding of programming as a whole if you never venture out.
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