Should I get my new domain for 12 months or 1 year? Decisions, decisions...

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    So, .tk or .ml? ;)
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    @Jilano Actually .cf, but yeah, part of the freenom family of free domains
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    12 months, they own the domain, and do suspend domains for no reason.

    1 year: you own the domain and can transfer it elsewhere.
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    @C0D4 I'm probably the only user using the domain. I think they only take over domains with lots of visitors. It will just be another domain pointed at my home server. I already have a paid .kiwi domain that I use for more important things
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    @AllanTaylor314 I only mention they do because I’ve had 2 of 3 domains suspended (touch wood)... all with low traffic, actually 1 was suspended a day after getting it.

    My current one has lasted somehow, so they’re not entirely bad, just a caution.
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    You know there are 13 months in the year..

    You find this out when you are renting a property, and rent is every 4 weeks !
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    actually the 11 month one is a better deal xD
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    @iamavalos I've pointed both of my freenom names to Cloudflare, which I've found works quite well
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    @AllanTaylor314 kiwi, important things?
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    @xalys Ok not very important. A personal website, an unused blog, my home server on a wildcard of a subdomain, a personalised email address, and stuff like that. kiwi was the cheapest ($60NZ (30USD) for four years) tld that I liked. It's kind of a New Zealand tld, but anyone can purchase one if they want to.
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    First I had my .tk pointing to a 000webhost but now I have it pointing to a firebase site, all free hosting. Has been working flawlessly for over 4 years now. I use it to deploy our research group blog/tutorials Hugo site because the university didn't want to give us a dedicated domain name.
    At least we get to try out different solutions.
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    @Tisila I use 000webhost, and i just did a script that remove their shitty div at the bottom of the screen.
    Now with a ddns it's look like a good website hosted on a server xD
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    @HamsterOh Yeah, I tried to make a css file that just hides the last div on the page, but couldn't work out/be bothered working out how to add it to every page.
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    @dmoa it means only the 11th month will be free haha
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    @HamsterOh thanks for the tip! 😃 I like to make tampermonkey scripts to clean stuff up but haven't thought of that nifty trick. Kudos!! 😉
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    I don't remove the Last div, i just search the div by his src or href value using jquery
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    Checkout : hamsteroh.tk
    Look at the js/ folder their is antiwebhostimg.js
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    @HamsterOh I finnaly got your js file. Very simple, very effective!! Many thanks! =D
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