Well fuck you Epic Games and Deep Silver!
I was really interested in getting Metro Exodus, but I'm not gonna install that shitty Epic Store!
Fuck off!

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    I don't mind their politics that much, but I'm not sure that getting studios "aggressively" is a good strategy. On top of that, the move on Metro was a shitty move for players, Steam, etc., and will be perceived as much if not worse.
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    I don't mind Epic Store. They're very good providers for Publishers. Just 12% cut versus Steams 30%.
    A free game biweekly too.
    * Subnautica
    * Super Meatboy
    * The Jackbox Party Pack

    What do people have against Epic? Your favorite store is going to get the game later and the decision is made by their Publisher, not Epic
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    It's called competition. Just as it's your prerogative to (not) buy from a specific store, it's the prerogative of the publisher to only sell through specific channels.

    Steam as a de-facto standard is conusmer-unfriendly as they could and have dictated prices. The announcement of the terms of the epic store alone made steam cave in in order to reduce their fee, even though only for those whose game will sell well anyways.

    My favorite platform is gog.com, yet if a game is not there, then I either get it through a different channel or just not play it.
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    @jespersh Here, have a "small" list of the most major issues I copy pasted from a Reddit thread.

    Can We Please All Boycott The Epic Games Store? It's Full On Anti Consumer.

    I mean its just awful. They have terrible security, terrible customer service, the games are more expensive due to epics regional pricing, you cant play games offline, no social features like chat, no screenshots, no controller support, they broke EU laws, they have really scummy tactics.

    There's no achievements, no cloud saves, no game forums, Epic makes you pay for a transaction fee when buying games, they pay for exclusive rights to try and force you to use their store, they also refuse refunds even if you meet criteria. Then there's no users reviews, no linux support.

    This just shows that Epic only cares about the money and nothing else. They're trying to compete with steam but are failing. Even Valve thinks its unfair. Get your store together Epic Games.
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    @k0pernikus I couldn't agree more on Gog. They deserve more recognition for what they're doing.

    @PrivateGER Thanks! I couldn't find that thread back. I saw a comment in it comparing Epic with a rich boy using his wealth to buy friends.
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    @irene Your opinion. I like them.
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    @irene It just makes me happy to see the "100% complete" text once I completely finish a game.
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    @irene "some".
    There you have it. I like completing games. Almost all of them have reasonable achievements.
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    @PrivateGER I got a little something if you really want to get that 100% :D

    I'm with @irene on achievements. It's an unnecessary and annoying feature for me (hence why I "turn it off" by 100%ing it), but I can understand the appeal for some.
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    They are just incentives, and extra from developers for, well, archiving something. Better have them to ignore than the other way around. I have 100% just on the games I've really liked, others I just ignore them.
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    Unreal engine is good stuff🙃
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