Well, at least give me another option. Well played Google. Good Game.

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    Buy a domain at https://www.registry.google/
    Buy some hosting
    Upload image there
    And it's as easy as that!

    Or, do they accept data URIs
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    @AllanTaylor314 why can't they just accept an image from my computer? IIRC, they did earlier.

    And no, they don't accept data:// URIs. I tried for the sake of it.
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    @vlatkozelka Oh damn, you're right. Coming to think of it, I shouldn't be ranting about this.
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    Anyway, where was this. Normally Google lets you select from google drive, upload, search, and paste a URL
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    @AllanTaylor314 It was from the set signature part in the mail settings.
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    @shine Ah, that would be a 'We can host 15 GB of your stuff for free but not a small image for your email signature'
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    @AllanTaylor314 but then again, that was a GSuite account as well :confused:
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    @shine does google hot link the image from wherever the URL points, or do they host it themselves anyway
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    @AllanTaylor314 I think they hotlink the images. If I remember correctly, I linked an image that was killed over by react versioning and now I have a broken image in my email signature which led me to have to change the image so that in the rare cases that I had to use the dumb web interface to send out emails, my email signature wouldn't look so shitty.
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