FUCK YOU PYTHON. Why you do that to me, uh?
I was using a CNN to classify hand poses and the prediction was not working at all, one class was given 100% all the time. After much investigation, I found the culprit... A FUCKING INDENT was messing my data. Normalization was inside the loop and not outside, so my pixel values were wayyyyy too small...
Also, I'm really dumb, I should have started with making sure everything was right before trying to fiddle with my architecture..
Anyway, it is working now, you can it out here if you want! https://github.com/MrEliptik/...

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    Nice advertisement..
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    @irene definitely!
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    Would indents-as-spaces and dotted visible spaces help here? noob sry
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    @slhd probably. I use 4 spaces for identify but forgot to configure visualisation on my new config.
    Also I could have taken a closer look at my code first, before losing time on the network 😅
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    What about lint your code ?
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    Use an IDE next time, like the built-in one, IDLE?
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    @vane @Parzi yes I'm using VSCode it wasn't fully setup on my new Linux partition
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    Well after quick test and look up.
    Pylint gives clear warning with line and message about indentation.

    ex. messages
    W: 2, 0: Bad indentation. Found 3 spaces, expected 4 (bad-indentation)
    W: 8, 0: Found indentation with tabs instead of spaces (mixed-indentation)
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    @SanitizedOutput lol read the message I pasted above as an example
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    @SanitizedOutput why you want to detect something like this ?
    That’s stupid.
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    @SanitizedOutput ok I see your point that the code is more clear with brackets because it shows you when the statement ends.
    But it doesn’t prevent you to put those statements below bracket.

    I personally disagree that python is for beginners just because it have bigger power with less code and it’s popular.

    I hate those one file scripts with 1k+ lines without any class. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you have to do it.

    For beginners I would recommend any strong typed language with lots of code to write.
    “With great power comes great responsibility” - spiderman
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    @SanitizedOutput on the other hand you can’t write
    while(some very long if){stmt1()
    so I like enforcing indentation and think when I write then dealing with this shit.
    Some people don’t care if you don’t force them to.

    But that’s probably people problem not language problem 🙂
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    @SanitizedOutput auto formatting is waste of machine time
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