I’m hired as pizza making burger flipper for $12/hr since I have no formal schooling and then I am walked out back to the utility room to do what cooks REALLY DO... Secret network engineering and admin... Never fails... They always find out and I always end up replacing whatever company or person they used for tech/admin work.

Time to at least get some Oracle certs and a nano degree!

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    This makes such a difficult read
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    @jespersh *no sense* not difficult.
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    @jespersh @cursee
    Step 1) apply as burger flipper because that job doesn't require a degree and you don't have one anyway
    Step 2) they find out that you know a lot of network and computer shit
    Step 3) they figure you're a better sysadmin / network guy than the admin they have now
    Step 4) you end up replacing the sysadmin
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    Get certificated!
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    @jotamontecino Yeah being certificated is so much better than being certified! Get on with it! 😁

    @bashcommander I can stand behind the FSND from Udacity. I haven't found a job by the certification yet, mostly because I'm going solo - lots of recruiters and B2B salespersons have contacted me. The career part of a nanodegree is filled with great info, just what one needs to get started
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    Did you know you can apply to jobs without a degree?

    Seems you have experience.
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