Lots of hate towards Microsoft, and they go and do something like this:


I'm excited for these features. With existing .NET Core you can compile console apps natively to Windows/MacOS/Linux. WPF and WinForms soon making it to .NET Core will bring the ability to compile native GUI apps too.

Oh, and .NET Core is all open source. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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    @revisiondot true, true, my mistake. Presently it will be with desktop packs that only target Windows.

    This is my own guess here but with those technologies being ported to .net core, I can't help but feel that it's a necessary step to make cross-platform GUI support a reality. Being open-source, somebody is bound to pick it up and tie it to a GUI rendering engine that will work on those other platforms. We shall see.

    Or, even better, a new .NET Core tech for cross-platform UX.
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    Love all the sugar. Switch expressions are sexy and in line using statement is very nice to have
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    @ModernShoe yeah! The inline using statements feel very weird to me. At first glance it almost feels like something to avoid because it's easy to miss. After a while it will feel natural, I'm sure.
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    .NET Core and C# have so much active development and love, it really is impressive to see all the new features that get released at frequent intervals.
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    I "hate" Microsoft myself but for reasons that have nothing to do with this :)
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    @linuxxx haters gonna hate! :D

    Fortunately there's lots of tech options out there.
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