Now that sounds fun

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    I hate these kind of ppl
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    @Mitiko way too real
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    @Azer0s We're working on it...
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    @Mitiko We agreed on BaseMessage tho
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    @Azer0s It wasn't 30 minutes, it was 5. And I missed my bus because of it 😂
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    @Mitiko you could've argued in the bus? 😂😂
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    It's all fun till your team lead decides to use names that are 40+ characters long.
    That shit hurts physically!
    My team lead uses class names that are long like that. I've even seen one that was 63 characters long. To make it worse there'll be a bunch of classes with these long ass names that differ only by two or three characters. Sometimes they have inheritance relationship. That c++ code makes me feel dyslexic. 😔
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