what about using lisp/scheme, prolog, smalltalk, or APL in competitive programming?

who even knows APL?

Is there any person around who has written some libraries for smalltalk, prolog or APL? maybe just or of interest

is there any modern language inspired from APL?

Is there any online tutorial or book to make a language translator for smalltalk, prolog or APL kind of language?

I also want a tutorial to make my own spreadsheet software, just for fun?

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    I know APL. it is very seldom used in recent times. A lot of those code golf languages which are more research language oriented are inspired from APL. personally I don’t care for them that much. I respect APL because it was purpose built rather than a lab toy to piss people off.

    I don’t find the code golf languages interesting at all because the code golf rules like “don’t use any letters” excludes everything except this class of languages, which makes it a very uninteresting rule, and also the program source size is always less than 3% of an equivalent c program, but that doesn’t mean that the solution is 33x more interesting. I just think the whole thing is stupid, the thing that makes code golf fun is innovating inside the sandbox you already have.

    It’s like running a race and being able to cheat and make the computer think you finished in 0 seconds. Who cares?
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    APL hasn't taken off because it results in unmaintainable write-only code. LISP has a similar issue, the "mysterious tuple problem".
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    @Fast-Nop i can't speak about APL. But I spend my free time looking as t large Lisp codebases, from Racket to Common Lisp and particularly Clojure and I do not find it a write only deal nor do I find it hard to read. If anything I find it easier.

    It's a matter of practice and knowledge I believe. I have been studying and doing lisp for almost 6 years
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    If we're talking of doing competitive in weird languages, I did some in Haskell just for fun, there are some interesting ways to exploit laziness for things like memoization.

    Might do some in Scheme now, because why not
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