Learning to play Go (came only close to single digit kyu) now table tennis.

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    Go is a real challenge for me, I began to learn it just a few weeks ago, still in the twenties kyu
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    @2erXre5 Yeah, it's tough. Do you play online? Got my KGS account deactivated several times for inactivity. Could play, but I don't qualify for teaching :p
    (Had some posts devoted to Go on my blog, German though https://phorkyas.wordpress.com/cate... )
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    @phorkyas No just right now I am still learning the basics against the computer (Android App called "Crazy Stone")

    Well: Deutsch ist kein Problem für mich 😉
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    @2erXre5 If you're also physically in Germany, then strongly recommend going to one Spieletreff which is in all major cities (see http://dgob.de/). There's nothing cooler than playing a 19x19 game in a pub with a good beer an some food. And you'll always find the most friendly players willing to teach - was at least my experience.

    (Shit now I want to go again myself!)
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    @phorkyas I live in Switzerland. But maybe we have also a Go player community around. But I was not searching until now (due to family & work). I will have a look if there is someone.
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