How do we expect the new generation of programmers to learn anything, when nowadays the answer to any programming question is to use a library? Without knowing what the library itself actually does, the programmer learns nothing. Even small things that could be done within a single file, are turned into clunky libraries. Am I missing something crucial?

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    1. Not everyone wants to know or needs to know programming in depth. Programming has come a long way from just a few people working on mainframes and if you just want to build a quick visualiser or something in Processing for example you shouldn't need to know how to perform rotations in an AVL tree. That's a *good* thing.

    2. For fields where things are more hardcore, young people are more hardcore. You've got people working their ass off on data structures, computer architecture, compiler technology, systems programming etc and boy are they good. People of my age (22) contribute to very hardcore projects like the Haskell compiler or Blender. I know people who make interpreters and functional languages and optimizing compilers and persistent data structures for fun. These folks can program circles around most people.

    Programming has become mainstream but the core of good specialized programmers will always be there.
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    Use a library only when you can't be bothered to write what it offers
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    Not everyone needs to reinvent the wheel. They can invent better cars instead.
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    Don't know what library you're on about. I use Intel math kernel library all the time, I just want my code to run fast, should I be bothered knowing how the optimisations being handled by compilers?
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    Programming will get easier and thats a good thing. Focus on the product instead of the build process. Thats what happens to pretty much any industry out there.

    For example in my main field, audio engineering, there are a lot of tools these days doing the mundane, repetitive things. That doesnt mean I'm out of jobs but that I can focus more on the creative part of the process.
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