Microbiology, biochemistry, genetics.

Mostly reading some articles, parsing some ATGC, trying to understand topic from books.

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    Do you work in Computational Genetics ?
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    @programmer not right now. I was interested in process of computation of dna, from human to machine to human but it was only is my side hobby. You’re working in this area now ?
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    @vane I see. Nope, but I do have interest in this field as well. Hope to someday be able to do something related to it, especially Proteomics
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    @programmer looks good like asm 😂
    I’m more into higher level programming, networking is more funny for me at the moment.
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    @programmer from programming perspective bioinformatics is big data, hadoop, spark, graphs gremlin etc. that’s what I know if you plan to do some dev stuff.
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    @vane yeah, I agree. I've got up maybe pick those stuff as well ☺
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