As a college student, I find it hard to take out time from the college schedule just for studies. And it's not just the 9-5 but the time after that I am unable to spare. I have a personal learning goal that I will learn some xyz technology before the end of this semester. But in this entire week I have been able to dedicate only hour of time to my actual learning. There's college quizzes, assignments and my juniors come to me for help as well.. I help out as best as I could but them being new devs, it's like they haven't discovered Google yet. Everytime they face an error they're like, "please help us senpai". It's really time consuming.

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    Step 1: Time management
    Step 2: Say no

    1. Find another classmate who knows as much as you and see if they'll help the juniors to free you up. Even if you can't find someone, sometimes you just gotta say no.

    2. Do the bare minimum on projects and homework. I'm fairly fluent in HTML & CSS, but I never bothered going above and beyond with my assignments in my web dev class. (What's the point in doing extra shit when you're gonna get the same grade?)
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    As for time management, just try and limit the amount of time you spend on homework. I try to keep it between 30 minutes to an hour for each class. I usually have ~5 to 6 hours each night between getting off work and going to sleep, so if I work diligently, then I can usually leave myself about 30 minutes to an hour to try and teach myself something or just play around with stuff.
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    @Stuxnet or maybe just leave college and start learning urself ?

    Become a self taught so u wont be focussing on grades rather on learning cool stuff ?
    Maybe or may be not....

    Just sayin...
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    @syed1hassan Or....

    Hear me out now...

    stop assuming all college is bad college and that everyone will instantly become 100x better by teaching themselves? I know that concept is wild, but if you dwell on it a bit, it might make some sense to you.

    Not everyone is as capable of teaching themselves and said people can benefit from the structure of a degree program with strict guidelines.

    Caring about how people learn vs what they know is wack. Just sayin....

    Putting me being an asshole aside, it really is dumb to just run around screeching "drop out and teach yourself to code!!!" without taking into consideration that some people learn differently, and all the other factors that play into someone making a decision to go to college.
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    @Stuxnet calma bro calma ! 😂

    I knew someone would come up with super saiyan mode if not you and gonna destroy me with facts and logic 😂

    I completely understand your point and theres no need to argue.

    Thats why i tried my best to just put it right in the corner that "there are other options" just in the corner so u can u see and at least thinkaboutit like.... "hmmmm...
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    @syed1hassan I'm not mad or anything. My first instinct is just to be a huge sarcastic asshole.

    But you're part of the majority of people here who think self taught is the way to go. at least your head isn't up your ass and you acknowledge that there are other sides, unlike many of the people here 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @Stuxnet idnt think self taught is the only way to go but i do think its the better option at least in my country where i can say i learned more in 6 months thn my friend whos in his 3rd semester but there are other factors to play!
    I think 😐
    May be ... may be not !
    God knows best!

    Well why the hell are we discussing this ? We know tht at the end of the day the only thing that matters is ur knowledge , i think u prove ur worth according to ur knowledge
    Doesnt matter if u r selft taught or not!
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