Twitter: The platform for spreading unquoted and unsourced "news" for any uninformed and unrelated person because they formed an opinion based in another tweet.

Seriously people. Do your own reaearch.

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    Is that an opinion?
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    @NotWhoIUsedToBe it is. And quite frankly based on some tweets aswel! Caught red handed!
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    @RemyRm So your source is the source you're not allowed to trust?-)
    Haven't spend enough time on twitter to actually have opinion, but:
    1) Your 'argument' could easily be generalized to the whole Web - so what you wanna do, force people to take a web-driver-licence or common sense injections?
    2) Might be certain groups like malware analysts or security researcher who have valuable exchanges there - or even code: https://mobile.twitter.com/tweetnac...
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    @phorkyas oh yeah definitely. And i know there are plenty of posts that do not fit in this category (it is a rant afterall!). I just feel like it is more prominent due to the character limit
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    @RemyRm Could be that medium influences its contents - as people like Postman claimed thereby condemning all electronic media (his time he was mainly attacking TV, don't think he'd like YouTube). One interesting bit in his critique I found was that in his history electronic media started with the telegraph which with his instantaneous, short, decontextualized messages was already departing from the rationale, literate, political discourse educated people had - and now the US has a president reigning in telegrams.
    (But somehow I'm still more inclined that the human mind is that flexible to let a medium acquire the symbolic meaning - from garbage to sacral - we assign to it)
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