Have you guys received your hacktoberfest 2018 shirt already?

Kind of irritated because my shirt is stuck on Frankfurt, Germany, and it's been a month now. Do you think it's stuck on German customs?

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    Have it for a month or so.
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    It means your shirt most likely already left germany. Welcome to international shipping from and to germany. Once a package leaves germany, it's gone until it arrives. Once a package enters germany, it's gone until it arrives, too. There are only a few exceptions when tracking is possible after passing Frankfurt in any direction.
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    @Alice I see. I wonder how to track that? DHL says the last update on the package was January 3.
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    @jaspervanbrian As I said, you can't. Only in a few exceptions and then it's a try until you find out if your german package id is trackable in the system of another post service. The DHL tracking most likely will not update after this step, because it only tracks until it leaves the country.
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    <gloat>I've now received all 6 of my Hacktoberfest shirts! ;)</gloat>

    Sorry.... but yeah, something odd is going on there.

    Contact DO/Github and mention it. Worst they say is "bleh, keep waiting", and best they say is "that's not right, have a new shirt."
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