Deploy to Production

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    This is missing the part where all tests pass, deployment to production is a success, yet suddenly your bug tracking software overflows with cryptic errors, nothing works anymore, and everyone is running around the office naked with their arms in the air screaming, setting things on fire, and then one mud-covered undressed productowner runs to your desk carrying a freshly slaughtered wild boar and you try to signal that you just have to restart nginx.... but he won't listen... he runs off again to wrestle with the fat guy from HR over a place by the fire, you see that systemd failed to restart nginx, so you decide to just pack your backpack, and use a box of unused VGA cables to construct a rope so you can jump out of the window and abseil along the facade of the office, where the chaos has spread to the parking lot, where people from sales are throwing printers at the pterodactyl which has grabbed the CTO by the leg with his beak, throwing him 30 meters into the air as you bike home.
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    @bittersweet I want to spend just a day with you. It works be so interesting...
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    @bittersweet you need to write a book, man!
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    @bittersweet man if you were a girl. I would certainly fell in love for that comment
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    @JhonDoe Does it help if I tuck my wiener in between my legs?
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    @bittersweet . just remembered good old californication times
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    @bittersweet super constructive.
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    @bittersweet That's very relatable.
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