1. Gaming, though I focus mostly on mainstream games and my all time favorite is deus ex series (second - TES).

2. Anime. Dragon ball was a huge part of my childhood, and today it’s still my favorite show next to one punch man.

3. Manga. I picked it up quite recently and it’s awesome, but it’s also expensive so I learned to enjoy it only while traveling. I am still reading my first one and it’s Tokyo Ghoul.

4. Embedded electronics. Again, I picked it up quite recently and really enjoying it, still working on my first project that I did with raspberry pi (iot led strip), also posted a story(rant) a while ago.

5. MTB cycling. While it’s not really that geeky, it’s my most favorite hobby I picked up last year June and since rode 1200km on mostly flats and also had my first 100km trip. This year I am planning to focus more on trails and expect learning more technical riding.

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    Crunchyroll actually has a manga library as part of its subscription, for what it’s worth.
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    @Kaji I have subscription, but it seems that their manga app is not working correctly, well at least not on iphone - basically can’t open any manga.
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    @gintko Brother just turned me on to another option he uses as well: look up “Manga Rock” on the app store. It filters out some of the most popular licensed titles, but aside from that it has a stupidly large selection of titles going back 40 years.

    Disclaimer: It’s all aggregated fan translations, not officially produced ones.
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