I have too many geeky non-dev activities. I don't know which is the geekiest...

Built a server rack out of bits of spare wood (going to rebuild and improve it in future). Wired up the entire house with network cabling. Didn't need to, just prefer not to use WiFi for things where possible. Also ceiling mounted a PoE WiFi AP for things that have to use WiFi (e.g. smartphones).
DIY built a rack mountable Pi shelf with faceplate.
Configured a dedicated TV tuner/PVR PC used by Kodi running on Raspberry Pi for a couple of TVs (all diskless/network boot).
Got a colocated server running in a data centre for running various VMs on for different things. Run my own email, webserver, DNS, VPN, voice chat server, various other stuff.
Gradually getting into electronics, which overlaps with dev a bit.
Sometimes I play games. I built a dedicated VR PC which occupies the smallest room of the house.

Unsure which is the geekiest thing!

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    Nice. I want to build a closed in server rack with wood eventually. I really need to download a cad program to design it
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    Mine is nothing particularly special - just an open frame which is at an angle so it fits under the stairs (front is higher than the back, so anything requiring rear rails goes at the bottom). There's a 3U chassis on rails which causes the whole thing to tilt forward when I pull it out, so rethinking this. It's either going in a custom built (insulated for winter/vented with fan and some ducting in summer) cupboard in the attic or getting fixed to the building at some point.
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    @nightowl cool. I want to build one where i can mount old desktop motherboards to a thin board and slid it in. Basically a redneck server cabnet. Not sure how well it will work but i figure as long as i line up a fan by each shelf and have positive presure in the case it should work fine. Might see if i could find a way to make a custom psu for the hell of it later since there's alot of voltage going into one psu with very low output to the motherboard
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