So my windows VM decided to start running slow and bogging down the host system...

Decided to drop it down to just 2 cores, 2GB of RAM and 1GB of VRAM and now it's running smoother than when it had 4 cores, 8GB RAM and 3GB of VRAM...

I love computers *Left eye twitches*

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    Yeah, if someone has a logical explanation for this I would appreciate it
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    maybe they cut out their metrics if the PC can't handle it
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    Is your host system dual socket? Maybe it had a wrong socket with wrong memory i.e dimms from socket 1 and cores from socket 2
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    I also love virtual computers *Both eyes twitching out of pace*
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    @scrapes nope single CPU with all 4 RAM slots filled with exact same DIMMS...

    And small note, just noticed that with 4 cores the VM sat at 10% CPU usage and now with 2 it sits at 2%?
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    @lxmcf maybe windows has a "chill" mode that detects small cpu count. Other option would be that after startup windows tries to index all files for faster search and does pre computing for fast startup. Those things are so random that you simply cannot predict them. Would make the most sense
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