Super excited to get my first ML project on, been working on this on - off for a couple of years. Now that I had sometime to spare could get it completed :) And along the way learned a lot of things as well :)

Let me know what you guys think.

A lot of thanks to this Repo that helped in parsing the image to string.

Of course PR's and suggestions really welcome and appreciated.

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    is that an AR sudoku solver?
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    @heyheni Yup. Given an Image it reads the content and tries to automatically solve it using backtracking algorithm _(Written in Golang)_ the actual parsing of the image is done with the help of OpenCV using c++.
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    @prabandham I mean awesome! But don't you've remorse for cheating at sudoku? 😄
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    @heyheni all in the name of learning and science so none at all 😜
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    Long time ago, while I was at uni, java exam was to create sudoku solver. Haven't played sudoku ever since.
    Gj on image parsing and sudoku solver, I hope you don't stop playing.
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    Noiice! How long does it take? Faster than Monte Carlo on average?
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    @Fjord it looks like it took 45 seconds to complete (timestamp in the console)
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    @Fjord actual parsing is real fast because it is implemented in c++. But the parsing can take some time depending on the complexity of the sudoku. Mainly because of backtracking. May be there are other approaches that are faster but not sure yet.
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    I'd try to order cells by the amount of possibilities and start backtracking afterwards (also reorder after every insert)
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    @subs Those 45 seconds also include the input time for the command
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