So I've started learning vim... why haven't i done this before

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    Lesson 1: How to quit.
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    *insert Mr. Burns image* Excellent!
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    @ThaMunsta will this kind of people ever stop doing this?
    That joke is crap, and for I don't know for you maybe.

    Vim is great, I use vim for everything still I am learning new things.
    Vim is simple.
    Learn one thing at a time.
    vim.wikia.com is great for vim.

    Try vimtutor in shell.

    You can try :help in normal mode.
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    @DrDonkey yikes sorry man. Don't get me wrong I love vim I just think it's a classic joke. Like fixing viruses by deleting system32 or speeding up your computer with sudo rm -rf /*
    Didn't mean to offend ✌️
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    @ThaMunsta same reason I'll laugh at JS jokes occasionally despite liking using it.
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