Setting up eslint is driving me nuts.
This shit never works for me.

Every two months:
I read why eslint is important to have in development workflow. I get convinced of it's benefit. I decide to give it few hours to do this correctly this time.

3-4 hours passby, still nothing. I run into problems that only I face. My vscode setup is a complete mess now. My code formatter wants one way if writing code which eslint doesn't like for some reason.

Fuck this shit.

Am I the only one?

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    Same, my eslint keep throwing error for css files, then I decided to ignore the .css
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    Had mine working with vim pretty well
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    My eslint plugin in atom is doesn't do anything. Is there any extra config other than install?
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    It's pretty easy to setup on sublime.

    But I use vscode and it never works for me too.
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