Just curious on an opinion from other Devs who don't actually work as a programmer...

Would you want to?

I currently work in retail and have a dream job as a genetic engineer majoring in dormant diseases (eg cancers) and personally would never take a job where I will be programming, never merge a hobby and a profession...

Am I alone in this one?

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    That's wise.
    Merging the two can cause quite a lot of problems. You might accedentally find yourself working in the free time for instance. Like I do...
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    I personally often suffer from consequences from hobby as work, and it’s that I have no motivation to work on my own side projects. On the other hand, everyone around me often complains how they hate going to work, hate Mondays... so yeah, fuck them, I like going to work, I like what I do and I also get paid for it, so that’s a small price to pay for it, and now I am starting to explore new hobbies too.
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    I could copy/paste ginkto's reply. I do love my job. But in the recent years, I have shifted from 100% developing ton20% dev and 80% SEO. Loving it.
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    @joas is working in free time a bad thing when you enjoy doing it?

    EDIT: and with that I mean as long as you do it because you want it, not when people tell you to.
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    Well, maybe not 🤔

    I'm building my own library. And as I'm doing it in free time, I can publish it as open source and benefit the whole community (me included) instead of only the company.

    The bad is that I don't get any money off of it like I do when I'm working (currently only part-time). But maybe the problem is me thinking about it through money instead of the joy of doing...
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