My task is to create a form for posting customer details to the server.

I've spent almost 2 days on the UI.

I mean, it doesn't look like I've been doing much if you consider the UI only, but I've been testing many scenarios of what works best, but unfortunately, the boss only cares about the code, and not how many concepts that have been tested.

So what the form basically does is if you click on the edit button, the inputs field will occur, and if you click on it again it will remove the lines around the input field for better presentation of the data.

How do you show to someone the work you've done, do you write notes or show them the code?

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    Tasks in trello/jira

    Commits in git
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    @zemaitis Good suggestion. But how should one show the work, should I just show the commits or expect the person has already seen it.

    I'm trying to see how it would look in a real-world setting for example:

    Hi boss, this is the work I've done, and here are the commits... Not sure if that's interesting if you know what I mean.

    I can for instance say - I've done 10 commits if you are interested to see later, but here's the work bla bla.
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    @colaguy A git history and then have it visualized would probably help.
    Stating that you can account for a bunch of work should be enough with a visual to prove it. You shouldn't have to prove yourself, but it's going to be nice when you do.

    So yeah, you're a dev - using git is one of the best ways to be accountable for one's work 😊
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