Just got a call from recruiter. I was asked what amounts of € would make me consider switching. I named an amount that seemed surreal. I think I heard attempts to control chuckling, followed by 'well almost all our clients could offer that much'

shit. I think I'm underpaid...

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    go to glassdoor and check if ure below or above the avg
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    Out of curiosity, what ballpark was this mentioned salary in? I'm still quite confused as to how much seems reasonable to ask an employer for as a sysadmin.. the numbers seem different depending on who you ask, so yeah.. 🤔
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    What country you are living in?
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    @DataJockey Lithuania.
    @Condor it was not about sysadmin position. My buttcheeks are now very comfy in java developer's chair :) while I still have linux on my workstation and support clients' sysadmins :)
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    Kiek gauni i rankas? Cia vilniuje?
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    @zemaitis joa, vln. Nesakysiu :) but according to that recruiter, if I play my cards right, I could get 40% more than I do now 😁
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    @netikras Nebuk grynas lietuvis, neuzpavydesiu gi, gali pasakyti del idomumo . As pats gaunu stockholme dabar 3k i rankas (android dev) bet uz poros men gryztu i vilniu ir zadu ieskotis bent 1.5-2k i rankas international imoneje ir kad leistu bent 2-3 dienas is namu dirbti :) Nesu senior (mid level at best) tai neprasysiu daugiau. Bet zinau studentu kurie dirba fintech imonese vilniuje ir gauna 1.5 i rankas be problemu
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    @zemaitis gal ir neužpavydėsi, bet devrante yra mano kolegų :) nereikia skelbtis. O ir esu tikras lietuvis :)

    nežn kaip android, bet javistams mid'ams 1.5k nėra daug Lietuvoj. Geros čia tos algos, ypač užsienio kapitalo.
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    @netikras Bus sunku gryzti man i ta musu kultura :) svedijoje visi visu algas zino ir niekas neverkia. Is mano patirties anglijoje/cekijoje/lietuvoje visi slepia ir pavydo scenas kelia. Oh well
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    " I could get 40% more than I do now "
    ^^ my mistake.. it's 70% more :D
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    @Kubernatural Got a reply from their support:


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Know Your Worth is only available in the U.S. However, we do hope to expand the availability in the future.

    In the meantime, please feel free to check out some of our other resources, such as our blog and research studies.

    Mercy Miles
    Glassdoor Content & Community Team
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    @netikras thats unfortunate. Best of luck tho. Also if u have firends or inow how nornal workers are paid e.g. factory workers and so on. You can just see how much above them you already are and how much more it would be with the new salary. Since you should earn more than these ppl.
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