When something like this happens i just think that its
now time to leave the world!!!! 💥

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    I think its stupid. Java runs on JVM. Not native.
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    Did the guy get a sunburn from his screen?
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    @sSam rarely can blame the os?
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    @wowotek you can blame it as often as with any other language.
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    The lost semicolon "joke": a cheap resource for people who doesn't code. Boring and not funny.
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    @wowotek Java can still do things only available on a certain OS (like using inotify to watch a directory), and while shouldn't happen, there can be different outcomes depending on which Java VM you use as well (oracle vs openjdk)
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    @bittersweet yes i am aware of that, the OS specific function.
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    Yeah, it's not like the compiler tells you exactly in which line is the syntax error. Just sayin'
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    @maushax Boring and Not funny++
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    Im sorry to say this... In most cases you are the problem.

    I have been there many times and will continue to be 😂
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