WebStorm syntax checking is very strict. I think that's great, but sometimes becomes just a little bit annoying, though.

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    I was annoyed by pycharm tho. But if you survive that. You have a pretty good habit.
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    Try prettier with format on save - it will change everything 😊
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    Plz no combine rant and joke/meme tags
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    Can't it save with removing trailing whitespace? And why do you even keep those?
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    First thing I do whenever I setup a JetBrains IDE :
    Start Recording Macro
    Stop Recording Macro
    Save Macro as "Format and Save"
    Rebind Ctrl-S to "Format and Save"
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    I have the impulsive Ctrl + Alt + L syndrome, so no trailing white spaces on my code.
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    Go out of the way jetbrains, prettier does it..

    ... Prettier

    I used to have the ctrl-alt-l syndrome, but then I got married to vscode and I couldn't wish for a better partner in life
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    @pily You speak my language
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    Don’t most editors normally put a blank line at the end of every document for unix/cli reasons?
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    You know you can tell it not to, right? Other than that, I can't be the only one hitting Ctrl+Alt+F (or whatever) to format everything every once in a while.
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    @pily same haha
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    I just do tslint --fix
    I never fix them myself
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    Same with PyCharm. Just Ctrl + Alt + L. I love JetBrains for being strict
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