So I presented a presentation about programming a couple of days ago. It received good feedback and the leader of that event wants me back to present another event within a couple of days. Yeah, couple of days!!!! The first one took me almost 2 weeks to prepare, not sure if a couple days is enough

This guy has strong connections and want me to speak to people for consultant work. I do want to work as a consultant, but that's a risk I guess.

On the other hand, I'm currently working as a fulltime fullstack developer on a project with lots of challenges. Its fun but not something I want to do for many years.

A voice inside me is telling me to go on this adventure, and focus on my company instead.

I feel like this is a special moment in my life, and one decision is the right one to take.

What would you do, continue working as a fulltime developer or focus on building your company? Or if you have similar experience you want to share?

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    You may want to read more about "Technology Evangelist" as a career. These guys are the human face of a technology / company and spend a lot of time on technical events, promotions, talks while being deep in technology.

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    I'd go for it! You seem like a person who could make it - especially if you try!

    Its mostly on you though. My best bet would be to make up to pros and cons of each choice and go from there 😊
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