User A: So, we have some issue with uploading files. You guys need to fix it.
Me: Yeah, sure. We'll put it in our issue log. I'll let you know when its fixed so you can try uploading.
> Solving other issues which they said was more important.
A few days later:
User A: Uhhh..so guys, we have this issue while uploading..
Me: Yes, I know. We'll solve it and let you know when you can test it again.
> Working on that uploading issue
User A: So, I sent you an email. Its about the file upload. It doesnt seem to be working

Is it really hard to understand when I said to wait till we get it fixed?

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    But nai every issue is top priority and can be solved by editing a few lines of code. Everyone knows this. /s
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    @Charmesal this. Everytime a new issue comes up they'd say this. I tried explaining to them that a lot of the logic needs to be changed for it so it'll take time. Then they'd be like 'Oh but you only have to change this part, that's how we did it manually before. What? 3 days? No, it shouldn't take that long for one little thing like this'
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    @nai87 non-devs have no clue how things work. Average people are idiots and have almost no idea how jobs work and its frustrating. But this is the world we live in and it's up to you or your SLI manager to explain it to them in a way they understand, which is nearly impossible.
    Best of luck out there.
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