what if we live for no reason?

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    what do you mean by what if? You’re implying that there is a reason, and if so please share it. I’m pretty sure it’s not 42.
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    There is literally no reason, so why not just be happy while you're here.
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    @kiacob u need a reason to be happy and if there is no reason for anything then how are you supposed to be happy
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    @SukMikeHok just because there is no overall reason doesn't mean you can't find reasons in your life to be happy does it? I recommend watching exurb1a's video "Meaning is a jumper you knit yourself" on YouTube. That sort of thinking has helped me a lot when I've dealt with these issues myself. Hope you're doing okay dude
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    @SukMikeHok If there's no reason then you're not constrained by it.
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    @helloworld @kiacob @SukMikeHok @ethernetzero @maushax
    Why dont u all watchh this ?


    Dnt want any feedback i dnt care if u all dnt like anything ralated to this topic ! I am just sayin... just have a look... The vid is roughly 7 minutes long.
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    @syed1hassan Sorry but it is BS. You have to seek knowledge and fact not fiction.
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    I banish you from this world, kid !!!
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    @helloworld it maybe BS for you!

    Well thats just ur opinion.

    So u watched it or are you just throwing ur opinion just by looking at the title?
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    @syed1hassan Ive seen it before and watched it again. i’m not giving you an opinion.
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    @maushax yeah ok 🙂
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    @helloworld but you did give me your opinion tho!
    Well it doesnt really matter !
    At least you r nt an ignorant person who just forms his opinion by merely reading a title! 🙂
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    @SukMikeHok If you take nihilism all the way. There's no reason for anything. Then there is no reason to feel depressed about being there without a reason. ;)
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    @seewithsteve the idea of nihilism is more depressing than the idea of living for a reason
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    @oreru yeah like sex is something so easy to happen
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