I found out today that my company is going to make a huge deploy to implement non-binary genders on our platform, well, they see woman as 0 and man as 1 (insurance company), and they make calculations with the NUMBER, like, value = gender x risk.. The funny part is that this way to interpret gender is going to be awesome when the "2" be deployed, the non-binary genders.. well, fuck, all calculations will be refactored (20 years of development)

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    Why does an insurance company need to know gender and not sex?
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    @ganjaman Pretty sure it's just the marketing department pushing this bullshit for an ad.
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    @Nato Might be in some countries, but that's not the case everywhere (thankfully).
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    EU now will have a "rule" for it, they're just preparing for it
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    This sounds like a major headache, and a legal landmine.

    I’d hate to be the risk statistician coming up with the weights for the non-binary genders 😂

    Here in the UK it’s illegal to base insurance quotes on gender, though I’m sure it still happens to some extent.
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    @Brolls in Netherlands it's not illegal, but they have to expose their calculations for some regulation company
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