Unpopular opinion but

begin ... end > { ... }

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    Ok...you need to come back to Javaland for a bit.

    You have spent way too much time in nobrace land and I need to give you an intervention

    I do this because i love u
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    @AleCx04 i have seen the dark side and it was beautiful. The light now hurts my eyes.
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    So you want him to exchange Meth for Heroin ?
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    Begin end ... Is not a delphi pascal thing?
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    Meanwhile, Python 🙄🤷
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    Naa, begin/end was Pascal shit. I hate it when such delimiters visually bloat the screen.
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    @jak645 yeah, one of my fav languages to date, but also ocaml
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    @ViRaS python can suck my big fat dick
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    Ruby lang believe that as well
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    I use do/end because it's accepted convention, but I definitely prefer curlies.
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    @ganjaman Python will use a neural network for that.
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