fuck it, tell me straight.
Can i live into this tech world with poor math skills and no interest in web dev and designing?
my experience as native mobile dev was enjoyable and still is, but i fear that this is not a very broad career choice.
You see their is blockchain, dapps , hybrid apps, webapps, server designing, tensorflow models and Ai models( though they can be integrated with native apps too i guess ) , and many more tech and therefore jobs that rely on knowing about the webdev. and all i know is how to make a decent native java app.
and why the fuck should i join this web dev cult? its such a fucking mess. 8 different types of text sizes sizes, <b> and <strong> being the same thing, do you know about a thing called abstraction? My android studio would give me fucking murder warnings if i even dared to introduce hard coded texts along with code. and here, an html page is basically text + attributes? fucking kill me.

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    There are probably still jobs for native desktop or backend. Java, C or C++ won't be dead soon, even Cobol and FORTRAN around.
    Hope you can find a niche for yourself.
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    You'll find your niche. I never liked doing webdev, so I just searched for jobs that didn't include that in the description.
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    Yes you can. Linux kernel will be perfect
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    Web development and design is getting MUCH better and easier with the stability of large modern frameworks and CSS3 (flexbox etc.). I don’t think you need math really at all for web development or design (depending on what you’re doing of course).

    If you were to start getting into web development now, it’s actually a pretty great time to start imo.
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