Hello everyone, looking for some career advice here.

First of let me list my credentials off here. I graduated in 2016 with a BS in Computer Science. While I was working on my degree I worked as an engineering for 3 years in a cell phone repair company. What this entailed was managing/reverse engineering a software solution of one of that companies vendors, writing documentation etc (it started as a summer internship and became a job that I worked full time over Summers and up to 30/week in the school year).

Anyway, the vendor I acted as a point of contact offered me a job before I graduated and I started with them in May 2016 as a junior most Dev. Since then I have have maintained the same job tittle (software developer), however my duties have increased.

Currently I maintain several of our build servers, manage software releases (as in I am the lead developer of this application) for the service that makes 90% of this companies money, and am the subject matter expert for everything regarding smartphone diagnostics. I've literally been entrusted with access to all of the company servers for if something goes wrong. I'm also training our newest developers and being told I'm doing a good job at doing so.

Currently with my job on a day to day basis I'm working with Java, Android, C++, Golang, MongoDB, iOS in Objective C, and Python

(Please note this is a small company of less than 50 people)

Currently I'm only being paid 60k USD and am wondering if I should hold out for a raise or consider looking for a better job? ( Please note I live in the east coast in an area where the cost of living isn't absurd).
Because this job was practically handed to me I don't know what to expect and feel imposter syndrome as I think I deserve better pay but think I don't have enough years experience. All advice is welcome

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    You can at least have a look around, maybe go to some interviews. No one is forcing you to leave but of something quantifiably better comes along then that's all for the better.
    You can also have a friendly chat with your manager and maybe discuss a promotion or a pay rise, not sure which one you want more. Don't be pushy about it.
    They way you describe the situation, you have enough experience to advance.
    I'm not familiar with the cost of living in your area, not am I familiar with the market so I can't really say about the pay, if it's appropriate or not. Maybe someone else can enlighten you on that subject.
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    Depending on responsibility and skills you can ask for a rise every 3 to 6 month.
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    Just talk to your boss.
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    Do some research about the pay in your field. With that go to your boss to disquss your salary. Like tell them, that you're happy with your work, but according to your research you feel underpaid and if they see any oportunity to reach a market level salary. If not, jobhunt it is.
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    Talk to your boss, but know what you're worth so you can speak competently about what you should be compensated. 60k seems low after 3 years - that is starting salary for college grads on East coast.

    Consider getting a job offer or two lined up and ask your employer to meet or exceed. But be prepared to walk if they won't.

    This will be a good test of your standing at the company. If they truly value you (based on the increased workload) they will fight to keep you. If they're just taking advantage of you (how much work can we dump on this guy) they won't put up much fight or will try to manipulate you into staying at current rate (but we took a risk and hired you when no else would, blah blah).
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