Ruby's syntax is truly awful. I don't know how this was popular at one point, especially rails.

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    Funny I read another rant saying it was much more beautiful compared to Python.

    I like my tea black, no sugar.
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    All languages are shit, period!
    There I said it, now let’s love on.
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    I am not a fan of ruby syntax my self but as far as I know, just like perl, if you know the syntax and especially with railds scaffolding you can get results extremely fast.

    But if you do not know them both are hard to read and not very self explanatory.

    But C# using all the fancy lambdas and such can be almost as incomprehensible ;), not to mention c or c++ in the hands of a “wiz” :P
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    I feel the oppositie. After doing php and js for years, then followed with coffeescript and ruby on rails. Im now back to php (job requirement) and I miss the cleaniness and speed to produce something of RoR. Even Laravel (inspired by RoR) just doesnt feel the same.

    But my job requires using php because ease of hosting. Client want something cheap to host and ftp access. RoR requires a vps or something like a paas (heroku) but I cant be buggered to be involved with data storage on a self configured vps (afraid of data loss). Im trying to let the client move to s3 for his assets and let my code be my code.
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    @Voxera aye, I’ve seen some of the new features for C# and I’m not massively impressed on the cray syntax of some of it.

    They’re trying to gobble up a bunch of the nice functional stuff from F#, but keeping the same bloated verbose syntax for it... I hope things change.
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    Literally the only guy I ever met who was overly hyped about Ruby was a hipster-douche from Berlin, who kept telling me how nobody is using JS for web applications anymore and how Ruby is the shit.
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    If I had to guess, you mostly likely view java as the answer to your every problem, and have insecurities about your productivity. Potentially you are a c# developer, but most I’ve met are open to different concepts and change... so likely Java.
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    @jwelshiv really?

    Golang, C, python, and Java. In that order. Please don't just make assumptions like that.
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