Hyperlinks with JavaScript

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    I thing the dev, who was writing this, was drunk.
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    WCAG wouldn't be too happy about this
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    "Smart India Hackathon 2019 is a nationwide initiative to provide students a platform to solve some of pressing problems we face in our daily lives"

    I guess idiots who code every little shit in JS don't count as problem in the not-so-smart Hackathon.
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    I’m just seeing a bunch of instructions to break windows...
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    And my idea didnt got selected in sih😔😔
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    @BlackSparrow complete results are not yet out !
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    @vocuzi if an organisation has max limit of selecting 4 teams per project then there is no chance
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    @BlackSparrow relax boi, you'll get in
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    @Vocuzi boi the latest issue deserves a rant.
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    @ceee I'll post a nice rant when I feel relaxed about it xD
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