Wtf does DevOps engineer even mean. I checked job listings it mostly feels like a sysadmin with a bit of automation.

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    It is a sysadmin with a bit of automation. With a glorified buzzname of course.
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    Its sysadmin with a bit of automation
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    Sucks, I should've known this sooner. I was thinking of something like a Dev focused DevOps role would fit me.
    I guess that's what full stack developer is.
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    Actually when the term was created it was intended to define the role of a Developer in a team that has focus on operations. The intent was to make an agile team be highly autonomous by handling everything from development, deployment and monitoring so to enable true Continuous Delivery...

    That being said, the industry has made a standard of DevOps teams... Those teams are made of Operations Engineers with automation... Which does not give the flexibility needed to the development team since deployment is more of a "deliver a package to the DevOps pipeline"

    Not to mention that a DevOps team is a misnomer and is warping the meaning of a DevOps engineer is supposed to mean, but hey! It seems that this inbred definition is standard now...
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    Some stuff is flying around here. Full stack has naught to do with DevOps, it refers to front-end vs. back-end for example.

    DevOps is to me not a glorified sysadmin, that's just Ops. Afaik DevOps refers to marrying feature development and maintenance.

    However since this term became something of a magical mystery buzzword I may well be mistaken. It seems every company is just throwing around "DevOps", kinda like "Blockchain" or "Neural Networks". For the latter two most devs at least know what they are.
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    @siliconchips yeah, Dev word is redundant there.
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