Oh boy... IM ANGRY!
My lovely ISP just sent me my new Reciever and router, they now are 2 seperate things, which shouldve made stuff easier for me... SHOULD have...
So I connected both with ethernet, power etc... and... nope...the Reciever didnt accept the Router... nice. very nice... after HALF an HOUR i finally got through Support, amd they said "Use your old Reciever/Router combo, we will activate the new one on monday" so I went like:
Ok, that should work!
And nope. For whatever reason as soon as my new Reciever was plugged in, it sent a message to the ISP which went like:
"Im on the net, deactivate the old one"
You know what happened now...

My old Reciever/Router combo is deactivated and my ISP cant activate it because the departement for this doesnt work on the Weekend...
And my new one cant be Activated because its seperate now and the Router isnt activated by my ISP...

Now im here, with my phone as a FUCKING HOTSPOT FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE!
Alexa? Hotspot.
PC? Hotspot.
TV? Hotspot...

Fuck this...


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    Invest in SpaceX stock and pray that their orbital broadband network takes off soon
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    That's crazy I work for a small isp with 20 people and we have support on call that can do all that 7 days a week and someone in the office 6 days a week from 8am to 8pm.
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    Sounds like Unitymedia Germany. Same happend to me...
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    @AliceD Their called UPC down here in switzerland tho...
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    We once waited 3 month for the activation and in the end the problem was a broken (new) router...
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