My productivity today:

- [11:05] Decided to get something done to be able to enjoy the evening even more (an important deadline draws near).

- [11:06] Ran out of coffee apparently. Well, that sucks.

- [11:25] Trouble with the environment on my machine at home.

- [14:00] Trouble continues, tried using tools to fix trouble, ran into trouble with said tools, ended up fixing trouble with tools before fixing trouble with environment with tools.

- [15:30] Fixed environment, finally ready to get something done.

- [16:30] Spent an hour browsing the web.

- [16:31] Decided this was enough work for a saturday.


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    Yeah, I have a side project I am absolutely supposed to have done this weekend, last two weekends I didn't do shit, no motivation, trying to get started now....look where I am...
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