Playing horror games

| Lights on -> cant see shit on the screen and more vulnerable to jumpscares

| Lights off -> the atmosphere of the room is generally spookier and i get scared of misc. noises

Oh well

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    You can just stop playing those.
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    @irene theres a man with a gun and hes gon shoot me if i stop
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    @ganjaman 😑
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    @irene he is talking about me. I will shoot him if he sthaps
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    @AleCx04 coulda chose a different game, until dawn is pretty mild
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    I'd say Resident Evil 7.
    It can be pretty creepy, without relying too much on jump-scares.
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    @metamourge loved re7 but man it still felt more like an action game than a horror survival. I dunno how they did it, but re2 remake hit the nail right in the head
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    @metamourge nah, ill finish until dawn, the last of us and then jump into the uncharted games
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    Allow me to suggest Dead Space if you haven't played it already
    I think it's a masterpiece
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    @irene one cannot just stop playing horror videogames 👌🏻
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    I’d suggest to take a blanket with you. It’s the legendary monster’s repelent
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    uhmm dimmer switch ?
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    @ElizadeathRaven one can just not start playing horror games 👌
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    @RememberMe dead space really is a masterpiece!
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    @irene negative. One would lose on some really great titles then.
    Things like the RE, Fear, Dead Space, Alien are masterpieces!

    Even some games such as Half Life 2 mix in some great elements of horror.

    Its fucking beautiful man
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    @AleCx04 I cannot agree on those being masterpieces. Things which rely on primitive sense of fear aren't eligible to be called masterpieces.
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    @irene i do not find any of these titles scary. To me the gameplay, the character design, the storyline amongst other things is what quantifies them as masterpieces. And "horror" games take a very different approach to these elements. As a developer I can't help but appreciate the approach to writing such software.

    I think last time a movie scared me was when I was 7 years old and I saw I.T
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