Salutations fellow devs,

I come here today to seek your wisdom about an issue that is troubling me more and more lately. Here is the situation: I am a data scientist, my core skills are to build and implement models for classification/regression/clustering purposes. Working at a Startup, we don't have a person in charge of putting into production the models I build, so I'm in charge of that; the problem is that I'm really not skilled at it. We use an IaaS cloud service to deploy our code, and I manage to somehow make things work, but the whole thing could be improved to make the deployment faster, do continuous integration, make the servers handle more requests per time unit, and reduce the costs of the cloud infrastructure. So here is the question: can you point me to books/tutorials/online courses about "this stuff" (I'm guessing DevOps but I'm not really familiar with the term)?

Side note: I would really like to know if any of you was in this situation and how did you manage it.

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