Today is the last day of my Lunar New Year holidays, which lasts over a week from last friday, the exact amount of time I haven’t been coding.
I have to return to work on tomorrow 🤦🏻‍♂️
Tell me how you guys get back your performance after a long holiday?

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    I work on my own project during holiday
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    @devTea what's your project about? I do want to work on something myself, but no idea now :D
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    I will tell you once I go back to work next week lol
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    @buitrung ok, am back to work!
    - Fix your sleeping schedule before/the first day of work!
    - Spend the first couple hours organizing your priority work - slowly - take your time.
    - Start working on small things to get you warm up to work mood.
    - Spend sometime to talk with colleagues both about your vacation and what you have missed while you were gone.
    - don’t stress yourself with work, you are back doesn’t mean you can code everything in one day.

    By the end just try to enjoy it
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