Flask vs. Django. What does the community prefer as a RestAPI? Which do you think would get the most amount of contributors, if a FOSS project was to be made, based on one of them?

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    I dont know it for sure, i think both frameworks are quite populars and have a lot of contributors. I think u should take the best for ur project structure. 😁
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    You can achieve the same things with both these frameworks (from the perspective of code quality, performance and features).
    The only difference is that with Django all of the supporting tools (ORM, templating engine, utility methods and decorators etc.) are included, whereas with Flask you can decide whether or not you want to use a tool, and if so then which one (so in a sense you "create your own framework").
    As for which would attract more contributions for a FOSS project, both would. You can choose whichever you like.
    My personal choice would be Django because it's "batteries-included", has a bigger community developing it, and getting support can be a little easier sometimes ("how to do X using Django" vs. "how to do X using Flask, Y & Z").
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    Honestly, it also depends on the size of your project. Sometimes, if your project is uncomplicated, and you don't need a bunch of extra built-ins Flask can really make sense. But for larger projects, having the tried and tested boilerplate code can significantly reduce the time you spend on working on your projects.
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