I’m a very logical person (INTP), so that’s probably why I like coding, and it definitely affects my relationships. I’m not very emotional, and that’s an issue when your partner demands you to be. When I’m down I make a plan in my head how I’ll deal with that issue and that lifts me back up. But there are people who simply need to be lied to telling them things will be just okay. So, yeah. I need to find girls who are also logical at least to some extent.

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    MBTI is limited and outdated. Do this instead https://www.understandmyself.com/
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    @zemaitis I will, but it doesn’t change my experience. I’ve been having this problem since before hearing about MBTI. Also, I wouldn’t say it’s outdated. It’s getting shit because people put way too much thought into it.
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    I am a firm believer that you can learn to also be emotional in situations where you don't need to be logical.
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    @filthyranter I’ve learnt to fake it, but I really hate being dishonest.
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    @620hun Yeah, faking it is not the way to go. Opening up for someone emotionally takes time if you're usually not.
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    @filthyranter Well, there are degrees of emotionality. I’m not a psychopath, but if you’re a really emotional person you’d say I don’t have emotions at all. Some people are okay with it, some aren’t.
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