I am a perfectionist (or am I suffering from asperger)

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    That looks really nice!
    Good job!
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    I think that rack has too much power!
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    Where the racks an bro???
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    That is a great sight to see.
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    ++ for APC extensions
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    @vocuzi just make sure you have your UPS serviced at the recommended interval... Just imagine what you could loose if those batteries went up in flames
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    @njpugh90 reading that comment gave me chills
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    Network porn 🤣
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    Pure sex
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    perfectionist/asperger? those are not necessarily mutually exclusive :)

    The few cabinets I've managed thought me this is not a purely aesthetic luxury though. If your cables are a mess, it's going to be extremely difficult to repair/replace a rack.
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    Good cable management is so satisfying to look at.
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    I start off with things looking like that, but soon you need to change things, and then after a few years, its like an aliens nest..

    I'm reminded of a 3 bedroom semi house I lived in, I added 3km of cabling into it over a few years.

    You know you get less signal loss if the cable goes in a straight line from A to B through furniture.. :-)
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    Ohh god thats a hot pic right there.
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    But it looks so worth it
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